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Principal's Message

We are pleased to host students and educators from countries across the world at SISC 2021.  This year, SISC will be an online event and will continue to bring together students from around the world to collaborate and learn both asynchronously and synchronously. SISC provides a platform for students and educators to exchange their latest research, to work together on new solutions to problems, and to develop new perspectives in addressing various global challenges. In addition, SISC offers the opportunity  for students to find common ground, culturally and socially.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s theme, "Altruistic Thinkers, Global Citizens" (ATGC), is a timely reminder of our role as  global citizens in addressing the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic as one humanity. COVID-19 has also shown the world the importance of science and technology in tackling major threats faced by human societies and hence impacting the well-being of the global community. In SISC 2021, we seek to encourage students and educators to adopt an altruistic perspective in exploring solutions to the problems they have identified with the hope of potentially benefiting the lives of thousands across different parts of the world.

Throughout the 4-day online event, immerse yourself in the challenges and exchanges, connect with one another, ask great questions and most of all, have a joyful and lively experience at SISC 2021. I wish all participants a fruitful and enlightening experience. 

Service with Honour

Mr. Ang Pow Chew


National Junior College