The SISC Toolkit is a curation of digital tools that your team may find useful during the Research, and Design & Build Challenges. The toolkit is not meant to be exhaustive. Instead, it is meant to give a glimpse of what can be done using free digital tools that can be found online! We hope that these resources can open you to the possibilities of ideation and creation! 

Collaborative Ideation

SISC 2021 celebrates the spirit of collaboration online! Work with other budding scientists through live discussions and brainstorming sessions, which are made possible thanks to Zoom and Limnu.

Video editing.png
Video Editing

Showcase your ideas in research pitches and capture the attention of your audience. Hitfilm Express and FlipaClip are your trusty partners to translate your research findings into engaging data stories!

Poster design.png
Poster/Infographic Design

Creating a poster or infographic from scratch may be challenging. Try Visme, an online website that allows you to construct your posters and infographics using existing templates and tools to inspire your design!

3d modelling.png
3D Modelling

If you need an alternative way to present information, Paint 3D allows you to create beautiful 3D models to visualise your ideas. No prior experience is needed as the user interface is friendly to use!