Field Challenge

  1. The second challenge is the Field Challenge which encourages critical thinking through the analysis of global challenges and their current solutions.

  2. Details were released to the participants on 12 March 2021, Friday, 17:00 to 18:00hr GMT+8. 

  3. To facilitate collaborative work, participants from compatible time zones are grouped together for the Field and Design & Build Challenges. Participants are in the same group for both challenges.  

  4. A toolkit consisting of tutorials for digital tools was shared with participants prior to SISC 2021.


In this challenge, groups are tasked to evaluate an assigned system from each of their home cities/countries and one other city/country of the group’s choice. By evaluating a city/country outside of their home, they will broaden their perspectives on existing innovations and application of knowledge. Their evaluation should take into consideration the themes of SISC 2021 and the themes of the challenges (Sustainable Systems). Each group will have to produce an infographic that summarises and communicates the evaluation effectively to the public.​

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