Design and Build Challenge

  1. A highly anticipated mainstay of previous SISCs, the Design & Build Challenge aims to foster creative thinking through the synthesis of novel approaches to address global challenges.

  2. Details will be released to the participants on 12 March 2021, Friday, 17:00 to 18:00hr GMT+8.

  3. To facilitate collaborative work, participants from compatible time zones will be grouped together for the Field and Design & Build Challenges. Participants will be in the same group for both challenges.  

  4. A toolkit consisting of tutorials for digital tools will be shared with participants prior to SISC 2021.

  5. Submissions for the Design & Build Challenge will be hosted on the SISC 2021 website for voting by all participants. An award will be presented to the group with the highest vote count.

Design and Build Challenge

In this challenge, groups will be creating and designing (or redesigning) their assigned system for a fictitious city, STEAMville, that is envisioned to exist by 2040. In 2040, technology will be more advanced than present, but STEAMville will be facing a set of constraints. Groups will have to create a 3D model of their designed (or redesigned) system with brief descriptions to explain the conceptualisation of their group’s creation. This provides their group an opportunity to reflect and examine how cities/countries make realistic plans for the present and to prepare for future challenges.


Each group will be given a unique set of constraints. We challenge all groups to innovate creative and practical solutions in order to address the issues and constraints present in the city. 

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