Computer Programming


Cyber security refers to the protection of internet-connected systems from cyber threats. (Forcepoint, 2020) More than 15 billion records were exposed in 2019 alone, showing the importance of cybersecurity in today’s world with our reliance on technology, to ensure the safekeeping of sensitive data. Some common examples of cybersecurity include network security, which secures network traffic by controlling all connections to prevent threats, intrusion detection systems to identify potential hostile cyber activity, and encryption, which encodes data to make it unintelligible during data transfer. Mainly, a cyber security consists of mainly five components, namely, critical infrastructure of a country (e.g. the electric grid and national security), cloud security which involves protection of personal data of individuals and organisations, Internet of Things, which is the wide network of connected devices that have little security, including printers and appliances, network security which guards against malicious attacks, and lastly, ongoing employee training to train them to prevent, recognise and respond to cyber threats.

Typing on a Computer

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